Youth Arts Conversations


Youth Arts Conversations (YAC) are conversations with youth aged 13-30 in communities across Canada, facilitated by members of the ANCY team. 

By prioritizing the youth perspective, ANCY hopes to support and strengthen the grassroots development of youth-focused and youth-led creative projects in communities, while also allowing for supportive relationships to develop between youth and local adult decision makers.



The goals of YACs are to provide a forum through which youth can:

  • share their viewpoints and ideas about their local community;
  • identify what community supports exist for youth to express themselves creatively; and
  • be part of a national dialogue about youth arts in communities - what it is, what it could be, and what role youth themselves can play in making that happen. 

The ultimate aim of the YACs is to encourage communities to value and support the development of accessible, sustainable youth-led and youth-focused creative activities, leading to overall community health and enabling all youth to reach their full potential.

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