Research and Reports

ANCY Fact Sheets - Making a Case for the Arts

Art and Education in Schools: A Multifaceted Connection

Creativity, The Arts, and First Nations

Healthy Children Participate in the Arts

Supporting Child Development in the Early Years Through Art

The Arts Play a Role in Crime Prevention


Arts and Fitness Reports

A Canada Fit For Children


Arts and Education Reports

An Interview With Sir Ken Robinson

Arts and Learning

Arts-based Teaching and Learning

Arts Education: Across the Ontario Arts Council

Arts Integrated Curriculum

Benefits of Arts Education

Canadian Arts Education: A Critical Analysis

Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement

Critical Links

Intercultural Dialogue through Music Education

Learning Through the Arts

Lessons from the Arts

Like Writing off the Paper

Multiculturalism in Art Education

Our Obsession with Academic Ability by Sir Ken Robinson

Presentation by Sir Ken Robinson

Student Learning in the Arts

The Arts Make a Difference

The Creative Campus

The Quality of Public Education in Canada: Learning Partnership

UNESCO & US Education

You Want to be a Part of Everything


Child Youth Development

Children's Developmental Benchmarks and Stages

Practising Leadership

Search Institute

Urban Youth Development: Broadway Style

Youth Arts Development Project

Youth Justice Policy and Justice Act


Consultation Reports

Next Generation of Artistic Leaders and Arts Audience Dialogues


Research on Youth Arts Programming

A Report on Community-based Youth Organizations

Creating Opportunities for Youth in Northern Ontario

First Works: Youth Engagement in Artistic and Creative Expression

Making the Case for Youth Recreation

Project-based Learning in the After-school Setting

Resonant Learning: Arts, Children and Youth

Secrets of the Super Successful...They're Dyslexic

Structured Art Programming and Youth

Youth in Action -- Arts and Performances for Prevention

YOUTH ON YOUTH: Grassroots Youth Collaborative on Youth Led Organizing in the City of Toronto

Other Reports

The Arts and Social Exclusion: A Review

Creative Communities: Putting Art at the Heart of Community Building

Crime Prevention Through Social Development

For the Greater Good

Highlights - National Arts & Youth Demonstration Project - School of Social Work McGill University

Knowledge Centre for At Risk Children and Youth

Leading Creativity

President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities

When the Bough Breaks Summary

When the Bough Breaks study part 1

When the Bough Breaks study part 2

Young Men's Guyde Research Report

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