Creating Awareness

Presentations and Round Tables - Planting seeds in communities and in policy

Over the past twelve years ANCY has played a leadership role in building an awareness of the Children and Youth Art sector. In 2004 we were able to work with Senator Landon Pearson and Health Canada to write the “Canada Fit for Children” which was Canada’s version of the Rights of the Child.

As part of our commitment to address the ongoing lack of core operating funding to local organizations as well as infrastructure and training ANCY continues to submit a proposal to the Federal Standing Committee on Finance. This is an opportunity that is open to the public each year as the government is preparing for the next federal budget. For the past 6 years ANCY has submitted a proposal “Creative Spaces and Community Based Arts Programming for Children and Youth”. We encourage you to pass this on to your local Members of Parliament or forward it on to the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

Over the years ANCY has taken part in over 50 presentations at conferences, round tables and summits to organizations, federal and provincial policy makers. We have been asked to sit on cross ministry committees both federally and provincially.

ANCY has also been able to present through "Tell Us Your Stories" to plant seeds about a long term vision for expanded programs and infrastructure to communities. Through our presentation “Arts Programming for Children and Youth in Communities in Canada – The Blueprint” we have been able to share our vision for a creative community where opportunities for children and youth in the arts increases from the present “less than 25%” to over 70% which is the percentage for sports and recreation.


In 2012 ANCY was asked to present at three provincial and national conferences

  • The National Youth Justice webinar on the role of the arts in building resiliency in youth involved in the justice system. It gave us an opportunity to discuss the relationship between the arts and the role that they play in both prevention as well the impact to youth already involved in the justice system.
  • The Summit for Recreation with 200 people from across Canada envisioning the future for Recreation for the next 20 years Nationally. ANCY was one of the only art service organizations invited. We had an opportunity to have impute on the role culture plays in the broader recreational sector especially to children and youth. 
  • The Parks and Recreation Ontario conference

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